Tide~ global learning is a teachers' network.

The network has evolved over the last 45 years.  Strategically the core notion since the outset has been about teachers and other education practitioners coming together to engage with the needs of learners in the context of global perspectives, human rights, sustainability and development issues. 

The primary driver has been about the professional role of teachers and quality learning, using ‘creative spaces’ [link] to enable curriculum development. This remains our priority.

This website is an archive of some of that work  

It offers many resources for review or to be downloaded  

It also aims to provide a stimulus for new network creativity

Many Publications are now available to download.

We have developed a plan for the website's development to enhance the network and shared learning. [link] 

A Tide~2020 online magazine has been launched.  See The Elephant Times


Visual: Development Compass Rose - an enquiry tool to explore global issues [link] 


Work on website - apologies for any problems.