Tide~ global learning is a teachers' network and a charity that promotes the idea that young people have an entitlement to global learning.  Strategically the core idea has been about teachers and other education practitioners coming together to engage with global issues … and the needs of learners in that context.  The primary driver has been about the professional role of teachers and quality learning and offering 'creative spaces' for curriculum development.  That remains our priority. See - ‘Space for teacher creativity’

A new online magazine: The Elephant Times has been launched.

The management and co-ordination of Tide~ activity is the responsibility of the Trustees who are elected from Membership.  

The History in Brief  outlines how Tide~ evolved over the last 45 years.  This website is an archive of some of that work.  It offers a range of resources to be reviewed or downloaded.  It also seeks to provide a focus and stimulus for new network creativity.  

We are seeking articles [for 'Level B'] ~ The Elephant Times

Recent events including the closing of the Tide~ Centre at Millennium Point and the loss of funding led to a review as described in 'Tide~ Vision'  [2016 AGM].  See also 'Notes to stimulate a conversation' from the 2017 AGM.  

The Trustees continue to seek ways to revitalise the Tide~ idea and approach.


Tide~ global learning is the official working name of Development Education Centre [Birmingham] Ltd.  

Registered Charity No. 516038  Company No. 1863269







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