This online magazine has evolved from work on this website.  

It enriches what is here but more importantly it begins to explore ways of using the resources on this website as a stimulus to new work ... and to revitalising the Tide~ network.

There is a need to make connections that enable learners to engage, now and in the future, with many global realities and with both uncertainty and the need for positive dispositions.

See The Elephant Times [2] October 2020.

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See: The Elephant Times [1] July 2020.  

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If you have problems downloading from interactive file [above] whole magazine ET [1] also here.

Why ‘Elephant Times’?  Deep in the DEC/ Tide~ archive [from 1984] we find The Elephant Times newsletter.  This title was inspired by a rewrite, by Robin Richardson, of an ancient Indian fable to highlight the fragmented curriculum and the need for connection and cooperation between different areas of innovation.  

There is a need for new connections and new cooperation to respond to the educational challenges of 2020.  Challenges that emerge from uncertainty about the global impact of Covid-19, the positive messages of Black Lives Matter, the urgent need to engage with climate change issues and concerns about, for example, international relationships [globally and in Europe]; and UK international development priorities [with the winding up of DfID].