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The Elephant Times Issue 1 July 2020

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Introduction to Issue One

Rita Chowdhury reflects on Covid-19 and the challenges for a Tide~ new network [ET1:8]       

Colm Regan considers Covid-19 as a global issue … and some implications for development education [ET1:10]  

Lucy Kirkham considers what she has learnt from lock-down teaching and revisits a pack about Tropical Rain Forests in Africa.  Should we update it? [ET1:12]

Cathryn Gathercole  raises questions about responding to young people’s challenges about for example climate change and Black Lives Matter [ET1:14]

Climate Change  - revisiting the propositions suggested 12 years ago.  What priorities teachers and schools? … and for Tide? [ET1:16]

Darius Jackson reviews thinking about Global Learning & Holocaust Education [ET1:18]

Linda Clark reflects on Voices from South Africa [ET1:21]

Clive Harber & Jeff Serf revisit the publication ‘Towards Ubuntu’.  Can it help inform current debates? [ET1:22] 

Richard Woolley points the way to engaging controversial issues in primary schools by reflecting on a classroom in KwaZulu-Natal [ET1:24]

Andrew Simons  remembers forgotten historical links and the need to re-engage with them as part of responding to Black Lives Matter [ET1:26]        

Black Lives Matter  - how do we respond? A look at resources from the archive [ET1:28]

Bill Elgar takes the opportunity of lock-down to reflect on his Ghana experiences and the resources generated [ET1:30]

Who decides? - remains the important question. Development Compass Rose and the Sustainable Development Goals [ET1:32]