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The Elephant Times Issue 3 January 2021

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Debbie Epstein & Alison Sealey  - revisit ‘Where it really matters’                             

Daniel Stone - questions what is taught about justice and oppression              

Rohini Corfield - invites us to decode diversity and seeks conversation about our divided society                                          

Jo Fairclough - talks about enabling students to take leadership of their own learning and the need for curriculum development to support that                

Lynn Davies - considers progress on ‘Own Goals in eduction’ and finds us wanting.  She introduces the work of Connect Futures                         

Balbir Sohal - reflects on learning cycles and issues about race                  

Alison Twells & Rob Unwin -  explore slavery & industrialisation in Sheffield        

Nikki Craig -  seeks dialogue about student leadership opportunities                  

Phil Glendenning -  reminds us that there are other complex histories on the British agenda that we need to address -- in this case from Australia              

Miguel Argibay -  challenges us about how poverty limits education               

Editorial: ET Thinking afresh?  A refection on some key issues