“Although the institution of schools will likely survive, it will not be as we now know them”

It is fitting that ideas from Professor Bill Scott should, in effect, book-end the work of the Tide~ Bill Scott Learning as sustainable development Challenge.

Not only has Bill given his name to this significant piece of work, but his ideas about the need to build learners’ capacity to think critically about sustainable development issues have served as the initial stimulus for it.

His new think piece, Schools, but not as we know them? synthesises some of his thoughts arising from the projects and activities engaged in the Challenge, and offers a fresh challenge to the network about the role and nature of schools in responding to sustainable development.

The piece is based around four main inter-related themes:

Pulling the threads of these sections together, the final section, Education for altered circumstances examines “what an appropriate vision for a sustainable school might look like, and how we might set about realising it.” Finally, it looks again at the question of “how schools might evolve in the face of external change.”

As a network, we welcome these new challenges from Professor Scott, and look forward to working together to share these debates, and begin to explore what such ideas might look like in practice.

Cathryn Gathercole

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