Kumasi geography workshop

Planning to teach about development issues - ideas from geography teachers' workshop

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The development of Planning to teach about development issues ~ ideas from the Kumasi geography teachers’ workshop [1995] involved 21 geography teachers from different parts of Ghana in a series of workshops working alongside teachers from the Birmingham area.  A residential event in Kumasi involved teachers working together to explore development issues.  This included joint local fieldwork.  

The pack resulted from this work.  Both groups worked on their own understanding of the issues, the needs of the Geography Curriculum and their development education experiences in the context of geography.  The pack sought “to stimulate further creative work about the contribution of geography to building up the skills of students to participate in development”.

As part of a DEC network curriculum project a group of geography teachers visited Ghana.  A joint workshop was held with the Ghana GA [Geographical Association].  Key members visited Birmingham … and a year later in July 1994, a teachers' working group came together for a residential in Kumasi. 

The production of this book contributed to the process by providing a focus for the group's creativity.  It also helped share the experience.  However it proved difficult to get further funding support for such a joint approach so its longer-term impact was limited.  There is still much potential to be explored in a ‘mutual learning’ approach.

The book was part of a pack that also included 24 [A5] photographs taken during ‘field work’.  These were also used as part of a UK curriculum pack.


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