"Sustainable development is development that should take place, but with the future in mind"

This resource was produced jointly by Gambian and British teachers, mainly for use in The Gambia.

Information on sustainable development themes is combined with case studies and lively classroom activities

Momodou Cham [Executive Director, National Environment Agency, The Gambia] writes in the introduction ...

"Education for sustainability, which is the new focus for Environmental Education in The Gambia, is not about adding more content to an already overloaded curriculum and timetable. It is another dimension to education, a teaching and learning approach. It is aimed at changing attitudes, beliefs and actions. It gives pupils the opportunity to explore their personal reactions to sustainable development issues, and to nurture individual attitudes and values. It is about assisting young people to understand environmental and development issues affecting them, and to value the role they can play in decision-making for sustainable development."

Published in partnershipwith National Environment Agency, Gambia


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