Geography and history

The world is lots of things – big, exciting, colourful, and sometimes scary.  This section shares teaching ideas and resources for History and Geography lessons which help children to make sense of the world and their role within it.

History and Geography have a special place in developing an understanding of the world.  Learning about the world helps young people to better understand their own locality; learning about diverse cultures helps them to understand their own; learning about other people helps to understand yourself.  There are many opportunities within History and Geography for young people to explore the connections and commonalities between people in different countries, and so support the development of a strong sense of identity.

In the sections below, we highlight resources developed by teachers, which share ideas about: 

We hope that these resources will inspire you to try some global learning activities in your classroom ~ we would love to hear how they went!

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Place based learning

‘Jamaica’ focuses on the island’s links with Britain, exploring the place as well as its historical context.  Drawing on a series of posters, there are teaching ideas for engaging with identity and considering some of the issues affecting the country today.

‘Writing our past’ encourages children to research the lives of significant individuals who have lived in Britain.  A useful stimulus for historical understanding.

‘Young children and global citizenship’ offers ideas for rich learning experiences, which develop young children’s sense of their place in the world.

‘Learning about distant places at key stage 1’ is a thoughtful reflection on young children’s perceptions of the world, and how one teacher responded to this.


‘Lessons in sustainability’ was developed in response to the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, and shares the experiences of teachers and children responding to global challenges.

‘Waking up’ considers the sustainability issues surrounding everyday items derived from plants.

Learning outside the classroom

Learning journeys’ follows primary school pupils as they take on the role of plant hunters, combining History and Geography in a stimulating experience away from the confines of the classroom.

‘Learning outside the classroom-sharing ideas and frameworks’ provides useful stimulus for teachers wanting to explore alternative settings for learning.

Learning through issues: food and water

Food and farming’ includes photographs and teaching ideas which develop understanding of our food and where it comes from.

Water issues’ contains beautiful photographs, which will encourage children to ask questions and find out more about water worldwide.

Using images as a stimulus

A powerful image can inspire a range of emotions and raise questions and challenges for learning.  Teaching ideas for using images along with a selection of downloadable resources are available here.  This includes material and images for teaching about contrasting localities, in order for children to understand what people and places have in common.

Developing questioning and enquiry

A starting point for many discussions about global issues has been the Development Compass Rose [DCR].  The DCR framework reminds us to consider a range of perspectives related to environmental, social, economic and political aspects prompting deep engagement while encouraging the development of a range of communication skills.  This process challenges our assumptions and stereotypes, while creating a space to listen to others’ viewpoints of the world.  Comparing questions about comparable activities in different localities across time and distance raises some interesting points.

‘Young children and global citizenship’ provides a range of useful ideas and strategies for developing questioning skills with young children, including questions about self, others, change and unfamiliar places.

Exploring global learning

‘Global learning in primary schools’ shares ideas about global learning, proposes an entitlement for young people and is supported by a range of downloadable material which can be used in the classroom or with colleagues in a CPD session.