Waking Up takes every-day items           [eg soap, shampoo, breakfast cereals etc]

looks at the plant products they contain      [eg aloe vera, palm oil, sugar]

and considers the sustainability issues involved.

The emphasis is one of pupils as researchers.  

What plants give us our products?  Where do they grow? Who brings them to us?  Who benefits?  Are the relationships sustainable?  

These are some of the key questions that enable students to do the detective work needed to find out about our everyday links to plants.

Plants that we experience when we wake up, wash, eat, dress, eat breakfast and brush our teeth.  It is also about waking up to the wider environment and our relationship to it.  

Plants from around the world. 



The book also also explores ideas for using a school visit to a garden as a stimulus to learning.

The project and publication was developed in partnership with Birmingham Botanical Gardens Education Base 

ISBN-13: 978-0-948838-65-1
Price: £8.00

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