Images in all forms, not least from the media, are a significant part of young children's informal learning, and their experience in the classroom.  This book explores ways of using photographs with young children to build an awareness of how images work.

Get the Picture! offers practical classroom strategies building on the children's experience of photographs, investigating the "truth" of photographs and to beginning to explore issues, for example, of gender and race.  It also suggests activities involving children taking photographs for themselves to gain an insight into who makes them, the choices involved and the purpose they are being used for.

The importance of such visual literacy has increased since 1989 when this book was published.  The everyday experience of images has grown significantly, as has the opportunity for children to take photographs themselves.  

The core teaching ideas in Get the Picture! remains pertinent.  The book provided a foundation to many DEC / Tide~ initiatives that followed.  It was written by Marian Davies, who was seconded to DEC from Birmingham LEA.  The work done trialling ideas in Clifton Infants, Pineapple JI, Christchurch JI and St Ann's RC JI schools played a central role in the process of developing the book.

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