The publications that resulted from the follow up work to a study visit to Ghana in 1994.  

They include two classroom text books and a photo pack.

Issues and Enquiry provides an overall context.  It explores Ghana as a nation.  This pack includes a set of photographs selected to enable students to raise questions and that can shape enquiry agendas.

Kumasi and Beyond focuses on Ghana's second city.  It uses case studies, maps and photographs to build up a sense of the city, and the city structure.  It reviews the city links to the Ashanti region, to Ghana and internationally.  It makes good use of individual stories in the city and surrounding villages. 

Land and Life explore rural areas in both the south and north of the Ghana.  It contrasts the seasonal influences on farming and farming development project in the North with the plenty of the South.  In the tropical rainforest area it explores issues related to Timber, Gold and Cocoa.  It links back to Birmingham and the production of chocolate.


See also Planning to teach development issues.  This was developed by a group of Ghanian Geography teachers from different part of Ghana who joined the Birmingham group for a residential workshop in Kumasi.  The pack used the same photographs.

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