Some to the earlier editions of 80:20 development in an unequal world were published jointly with Tide~

See 80:20 website about the 7th and most up-to-date version of this key source.

The 15 chapters explore key issues using charts, photos, cartoons and statistics backed by a debating narrative.  It starts by reviewing “New Extremes” of Wealth, Poverty and Human Development.  It then has chapters on Development; Sustainable Development; Human Rights; Justice; Politics; the flow from the Poor to the Rich; Women, Development and (dis)empowerment; and Climate Change.

The last 6 chapters each focus on key challenges: Migration; International Trade; Food; Basic Needs; Aid.  The latter subtitled “moving beyond pantomime”.  It concludes with chapter: Making Change – ideas, experiences and arguments.

As Prof Brian Boyd [University of Strathclyde] put it: 

“80:20 Development in an Unequal World is attractive, engaging, challenging and never simplistic or patronising and could allow schools to put global issues at the heart of the curriculum”

Photo: Colm Regan [Editor of 80:20] at Birmingham launch of 7th edition.  At Tide~ event January 2017 at Moseley School & Sixth Form College.

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