Tide~ articles are written by  members of the network to share experiences and stimulates critical dialogue about quality global learning.

A variety of articles by teachers, ITE tutors, advisers, etc reflecting on their experiences and the challenges of global learning.


Bill Scott Learning as sustainable development challenge ~ Ben Ballin, 2010

An enquiry approach to global issues at key stage 3, Ruth Henshaw, 2005

Cities as a lens to the world?, Feature article, 2008

Cities Project~ creative KS3 curriculum development, Becky Link, 2010

Climate change ~ local and global, an enquiry approach, Feature article, Becky Link, 2009

Climate change - the potential of e-learning, Malcolm Smith, 2006

Climate X-Change - Children using ICT to share ideas, Sabera Richardson, 2008

Contributing to community cohesion - Recommended Resources and links, Jackie Zammit, 2009

Democracy and democratic schooling, Clive Harber, Jeff Serf, 2008

Development encounters, Darryl Humble, 2007

Drama and role play, looking into an issue, 2008

Education, democracy and poverty reduction Does authoritarian rule exacerbate levels of poverty? Clive Harber, 2005

Education for equality in Wolverhampton, Anne Harding and Ruth Wilson, 2005

English and ESD, CPD materials for primary teachers, 2008

Exploring Birmingham's hidden histories, Sian Roberts, 2006

Exploring citizenship Learning from Ugandan perspectives, Rob Bowden, 2004

Exploring "cultural identities" through art, Sue Wilkie, 2004

Exploring global themes through suspended timetable days, Dave Morgan, 2006

Exploring Muslim perspectives Reflecting on the work of a citizenship project, Muhammad Imran, 2004

Exploring our participation ~ a place approach, Elaine Miskell, 2009

Exploring partnership ~ A dialogue between Tide~ global learning and the National Environment Agency, The Gambia ~ 2010

Exploring Ugandan perspectives As a teacher on a study visit, Richard Partridge, 2005

From little seeds ... Thinking about Africa, thinking about farming, Lezli Howarth, 2010

Global citizenship education: The needs of teachers and learners Based on research outcomes, Lynn Davies, Clive Harber and Hiromi Yamashita, 2005

Global learning and school partnerships ~ thinking it through, Jackie Zammit, 2008

Global Learning ~ exploring the pitfalls …, Elaine Miskell Tide~ global learning, 2007

Global learning: linking geography, maths and technology ~ Chris Green, The King’s School

Global learning in primary schools ~ thinking about a new curriculum, Feature article, Ben Ballin, 2009

Global learning through sport ~ Responding to the World Cup and 2012 Olympics, Jackie Zammit, 2010

Globalisation: an intergrated approach, Jimmy Bullock, Colton Hills School

Growing ideas – some food for thought Reflecting on a project about food and farming including a contribution from Professor Bill Scott, University of Bath, Ben Ballin, 2004

Ideas into action ~ Global learning in primary schools, Robin Richardson, Lin Reilly, Ben Ballin

John's question ~ Learning about global learning, Jeff Serf, 2007

Leading Global Learning! ~ cross-curricular approaches at KS3, Lisa Davies, Jimmy Bullock, Chris Green

Learning about distant places at key stage 1, Sally Wood, 2006

Learning from experiences in the Gambia How do we learn as teachers? Fran Martin, 2004

Learning from Kerala, Feature article, 2009

Learning outside the classroom ~ Sharing ideas and frameworks, Jon Cree, Deborah Hull, Becky Link and Jack Shuttleworth, 2010

Learning outside the classroom and global learning ~ Recommended Resources and links, Jackie Zammit, 2009

Learning to be teachers Building the confidence to explore global issues, Darius Jackson, 2005

Learning together as a network, Reflecting on Tide~, Elaine Miskell, 2004

Learning together as a school - 'Thinking Spaces' [Pegasus Primary School, Birmingham], Bob Lee, 2004

Less is more? - consumerism and quality of life, Rupert Brakspear, 2010

Making citizenship matter, Racism, Rwanda and real citizenship, Debbie Bailey, 2007

Mutual learning for sustainability: The Gambia and the UK – Ben Ballin, 2009

Making sense of the world around us – what we can learn from experiences at Key Stage 1, Mary Field, 2005

More than just a game of football?, Jo Fairclough, Darius Jackson, Scott Sinclair, 2010

Organisations supporting sustainable schools: conference report, Ben Ballin, 2008

Planning for citizenship at key stage 3/4, One school’s experience [The Burton Borough School, Telford & Wrekin], Marion Ellis, 2004

Quality global learning ~ meeting the needs of learners, Global learning Leadership of learning group, 2007

Quality global learning ~ meeting the needs of learners, Tide~ conference, June 2007

Recommended resources for KS3 subjects, Jackie Zammit, 2009

Recommended resources for selected KS3 themes, Jackie Zammit, 2009

Reflecting on development: a window on Kerala, Rob Bowden, 2007

Responding to global events, challenges for schools, Elaine Miskell, 2005

School leadership for quality global learning, Jeff Serf, 2008

Schools, but not as we know them?, Professor Bill Scott, 2010

Starter activities for exploring controversial issues in Citizenship, Elaine Miskell, 2006

Stories, place and sustainable development Planning a Year 2 locality study, Start with a story teacher group, 2008

Supporting and evaluating speaking and listening … for global learning in primary schools, 2008

Supporting groupwork … for personalised and global learning in primary schools, 2008

Talking about learning and citizenship by visiting an other locality, Group visit to Derry/Londonderry, 2005

Talking about whole school issues to improve inclusion Describing some of the work Robin Richardson has done with Tide~, 2005

Teaching about Haiti, Jackie Zammit, 2010

Teaching and learning about development in Geography [key stage 3], Pam Price, 2004

Teaching and learning about the slave trade, Elaine Miskell, Jackie Zammit, 2008

Thinking about our school environment – learning through art, Mark Riley, 2010

Thinking globally about local diversity - Seminar at the Tide~ Centre, Robin Richardson, April 2005

Thinking through Africa ... understanding the complexity, Tide~ conference, March 2007

Thinking through making: Art and sustainable development, Mark Riley, Creative~States, 2007

Using a museum to raise global issues in history Matt Johnson, 2006

Using fiction to explore identity and diversity issues at KS3, Jackie Zammit, 2009

Using local archives to explore issues of slavery Marcus Belben, 2008

Using newspapers, Generic ideas and activities to support global learning at KS3, Elaine Miskell, 2009

Using story … for global learning Professional development ideas for primary schools, 2008

Weblinks to support investigation of the UN Millennium Development Goals, 2009

Young people's active citizenship event, Becky Link, 2011

Young people's voices at Copenhagen, Becky Link, 2010