GeoVisions was a Tide~DEC initiative, designed to raise the debate about the future of geography and within that, the role of global dimensions, development perspectives and human rights.  There was, as we saw it, a need for a national debate to build on the work from DEC/ Tide~ geography projects.  The report published in 1999 offers an overview of the first phase of GeoVisions.  It also introduces the articles in the Teaching Geography journal that were generated.

The work of this Tide~ group demonstrated the potential of GeoVisions and the need to take it further.  This the GA [Geographical Association] agreed to do.  They set up the GA GeoVisions Committee ... see last page of this report.  This committee evolved to take on a range of work including key strategies for the GA.

Keith Grimwade reflects on Geo Visions as “one of the most enjoyable and influential projects that I have been involved with …” in his 2007 Presidential Address [reported in journal 'Geography' Autumn 2007].  He highlighted the strap line: ‘Create the future … don’t just let it happen’ 

 The GA adopted GeoVisions under Di Swift’s leadership and over a period of two years it inspired a range workshops and publications including the GA’s [2002] Position Statement on Geography and it initiated the GA's involvement with ‘third stream’ activities.  GeoVisions introduced many of us to possible, probable and preferred futures and, I now realise, to my presidential theme.  To create the future of geography rather than just letting just happen we need a strategy for change.

As a Tide~ approach this project demonstrates the value of “asking a question” and inviting people together to work on it in a way that is seen as bringing added value to the participants’ own work.  That core work then opened up new possibilities and demonstrated the potential of an idea that had started off quite vague in that the questions were very open [and certainly not fundable!].  Such a demonstration enabled the GA to take it on.

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