Cities are significant places, locally, nationally and globally.  

As places of innovation and diversity they are at the cutting edge of development.  

Cities are complex, dynamic and diverse places.  They provide us with a 'window on the world', a lens through which to investigate what is both locally global and globally local.  The people of the city, its citizens are at the centre of that window.  Positive citizenship can engender vibrant and desirable cities, whilst its absence can result in crime, decay and division. 

Key to Cities and citizenship is the premise that for many of us, the place that we live and its interdependence in the world, is an important dimension of our citizenship.  How we best support students to explore this 'place dimension' of citizenship? is the question that underpins the activities and approaches.  The ideas shared are therefore applicable to a study of any town or city in the UK or elsewhere in the world. 

This teachers' handbook offers ideas to stimulate enquiry.  Case studies enable students to investigate different perspectives and think creatively about their role as global citizens.


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