Enabling global learning through the KS3 curriculum was developed in the context of the debates and planning generated by the “new key stage 3 curriculum” in 2008.  This curriculum stimulated creative approaches encouraging teachers and schools to engage with the learning needs and perspectives of their particular learners in the context of a complex and changing world.  Sadly things moved on!

Many of the ideas in the book have taken shape in new contexts.  The principles that underpin the approach that QCA introduced is now best seen in Wales in the work of introducing the Donaldson Review

“Every school will find its own way to build the global dimension into the curriculum.  But it can be daunting trying to find out where to start or how to get the conversation going.”  [ from The Global Dimension in Action’ - QCA]  

Enabling global learning was written to help stimulate such conversations.  It proposes that there is a need to consider both the role of subjects and cross-curricular approaches.  It builds up an overview of the potential for a connected curriculum drawing on the work of a wide range of Tide~ teacher groups.  It also explores dilemmas and challenges.

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