Family Album was produced in response to the need for ideas and materials which reflect the wide range of family structures.  

The photo activities enable group exploration of stereotyping [eg of race, gender, disability; sexuality]; family structures [eg marriage, divorce, single parent, childless families].  Also to discuss different roles in the family and the nature of relationships [eg expectations, emotions, identity].

Most importantly the approach is about raising awareness without devaluing individual points of view.  The assumption that each individual’s experience is valuable and that sharing experiences can enhance tolerance and understanding. 

Photographs are particularly valuable resources for enabling groups to explore issues. They can be used to draw on and value people’s direct experiences. 

Photographs are the stimulus to groups sharing perspectives enabling individuals to reflect on their own dispositions.

Family Album was developed in partnership with Parent Line Plus. 

It built on the success of the publication: What is a family? that was developed in partnership with the Open University Family Lifestyles Project run by Dorit Braun and Naomi Eisenstadt.




ISBN-13: 978-0-948838-77-4



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