Creative work in the Tide~ network drafting the QCA geography guidance Unit 16, What is development? and the source book 80:20 Development in an unequal world resulted setting up a group to produce this pack. 

What is development? enables student enquiry to - question the dimensions of development; explore different perspectives; relate it to experiences of development processes in their own locality and to the influences of interdependence.  

The cartoons by BRICK featured in the book are also available as as separate pdf [see below]

Geographical Association Silver Award, 2004

A comprehensive resource to support enquiry about development issues.

Photos, world maps, cartoons, web-site support and teaching ideas provide a stimulus, but also help teachers take a fresh look at development and how it is taught.

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ISBN-10: 0 948838 86 8
ISBN-13: 978-0-948838-86-6

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