Geographical Association Silver Award, 2004

A comprehensive resource to support enquiry about development issues. Photos, world maps, cartoons, web-site support and teaching ideas provide a stimulus, but also help teachers take a fresh look at development and how it is taught.

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1. Introducing the issues

  • An unequal world
  • A world of progress & development
  • Key questions

2. Generating questions

  • Using the Development Compass Rose
  • Using photographs to introduce the concepts

3.  Describing and measuring development

  • Describing ~ terms of reference
  • Measuring ~ a world of maps

4. Exploring different perspectives

  • Who decides? ~ case study framework
  • Using cartoons to explore perspectives
  • Using the web to explore the UN 2015 targets
  • Development ~ a question of citizenship

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ISBN-13: 978-0-948838-86-6

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