Writing from the Oasis draws together the creative work of a group of English teachers.  It responds to a key challenge facing English teachers: the constant need to search for new and exciting stimuli to inspire students' creative writing.  

The project demonstrated that plants and their environments offer a rich resource for such inspiration.  It was developed as part of a partnership between DEC and the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

The teacher group spent some time together exploring issues raised by plants and environments for themselves.  They supported each other to plan schemes of work to take place over a term.  This included a student visit to the Botanical Gardens early in the process and again at the end of term when they shared their stories.

The activities in the book explore ways of raising development issues with young people at key stage 3.  The ideas also have wider application.  They addresses both local and global contexts.  Examples of students' work and teachers' comments illustrate the approaches, and suggest further ideas and resources to extend creative writing experiences.

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