Where it really matters

developing anti-racist education in predominantly white schools

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Where it really matters, published in 1990, came out of the work of Debbie Epstein and Alison Sealey firstly as part of Birmingham's Multicultural Support Team and then a project backed by an Education Support Grant to work in predominantly white schools in the Birmingham area.  Links with the Development Education Centre network led to the proposal that this work should be shared ... and hence this publication.

Can you imagine the Head that says "We have no problems here"?

Both Debbie and Alison, who wrote the book, went on to publish many other documents in this field.  Sadly 30 years many of the challenges they highlight are still very relevant.  It has much to offer in the context of 2020 debates.  Much has been achieved by many but you can still meet the Head who insists "we have no problems here"!

The book offers both theoretical rationale and practical ideas for classroom work.  This cartoon introduces the book.

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